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koa furniture, Jitindra with Iron Wood tableThe Eco Maui Koa Story

Eco Maui Koa is dedicated to environmental sustainability and green business practices. Eco Maui Koa was formed after the discovery of a rare grove of fallen Koa, trees that had been weakened by invasive eucalyptus and guava and then knocked over by a hurricane in 1986.

Uniquely adapted to the tropics, and imbued with a special island beauty, Maui hardwoods like Koa, Mango, Ilee, Monkeypod and Pheasant Wood are in high demand around the world and declining in supply. Eco Maui Koa understands the value of Maui's hardwood trees both in the marketplace and standing tall. Eco Maui Koa has never cut down live Koa, only harvesting diseased, fallen or dead trees.

On Maui when trees are removed because of development or safety, they are usually chopped up and put into the landfill. Thousands of tons of desirable and dwindling local hardwoods are thrown out every year. Eco Maui Koa provides an answer to some of the waste and shines as an example of "closing the loop," building a company on sustainable and ecologically sensitive practices. Trees that were once destined for the dump now head to Jitendra's workshop to be transformed into timeless pieces of art. Eco Maui Koa is a one of a kind salvage lumber project on Maui.

koa furniture, Ironwood Bench


When Baldwin Beach collapsed in the Summer of 2006, due to increased surf and storms, Maui County was eager to remove the twenty-one fallen Ironwood trees. Three of the twenty-one trees lost were Kimani, the biggest and most valuable of the Ironwoods. Maui County was in charge of the tree clean-up and all the trees were destined to be cut up and shipped off to the landfill.

Eco Maui Koa provided an alternative to throwing the trees in the trash, saving sixteen Ironwoods and all three Kimani. Like Jitendra says, "You can make twenty tables, or a whole lot of trash". Eco Maui Koa provides an alternative to throwing away some of Maui's most precious gems and is currently accepting donations of hardwood trees that must be removed.

Jitendra, koa furniture, maui
Eco Maui Koa does not sell their lumber to big industries for mass production using compromised methods of construction. Every product built in Jitendra's woodshop is a custom designed piece of art. Jitendra designs and builds specialty items such as conference tables, writing tables, benches, altars and unique pieces of art. Jitendra uses organic designs that follow the natural lines of the wood, allowing natureís beauty to fully shine. Eco Maui Koa constructs all products using old-world methods and attention to detail. The furniture made by Eco Maui Koa holds itself together using biscuit joints, and dovetail fittings, never metal. Mirrored pieces are fit together or "bookmatched" to create aesthetic and symmetric larger pieces.

Eco Maui Koa's primary goal is to create ecologically conscious and naturally inspired pieces of world class art, providing you with gorgeous one-of-a-kind Recycled Hawaiian Treasures.

Koa comes in a wide variety of colors and grains.

Jitindra is skilled at carving by hand!

Jitindras workshop is a site to behold!

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